How to show warnings when compiling in Workbench

I recently installed Workbench on a new computer and the first time I did a compile it came up with a couple warnings for comparison of a signed and unsigned integer. Since then I have realized it isn’t showing warnings anymore when I compile and I would like to know how to turn that feature back on. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

You can switch on verbose logging via File - Preferences - Settings

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I turned on verbose logging and put an error in the file and it didn’t catch it. I added a line that wasn’t doing anything which originally showed up as unused code and that also didn’t show up. Googling it showed an analyze function of compile but I haven’t been able to find it.l

If you clean the project and recompile does the error show up?

No it doesn’t.

This suggests that you either haven’t saved the changes or you are not actually building the project you think you are building.

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Maybe I haven’t explained it well enough. If I have a mistake in my code the compiler will show the errors and fail to compile. What I am trying to see are warnings that won’t stop Workbench from compiling. One example I had done a compare between a unsigned and signed int. It compiled but gave me a warning. I only saw this when I installed Workbench on a new computer and now on the same computer I get no warnings anymore. I am a hobbyist and haven’t used Workbench a lot yet so I most likely am missing something simple.