How to return sensor value to an app?

Hello all! I am currently finishing up a project that will open my garage door through an android app. The question i have is how do i return sensor data from my particle to the app? Thanks in advanced

You could use Particle.variable() to allow the app to pull the data from your device, or use Particle.publish() to push the data to the cloud and in consequence to the app.
Both functions are described in the docs.

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Solid… think i am going to try both and see what works better.

This is an image of my browser returning a sensor value. You can see the result next to “result”=. I guess what I am wondering is what block do I use to store this number in app inventor… thanks!
<img src="//" width=“690” height="299

Since that’s an app inventor question, and not a Particle one, you’re more likely to find answers for that on an appinventor related forum. A Google search for “app inventor html response” should also help.
Something like this perhaps?