How to put he device 's key into the server in large scale build?

I am testing the particle server,from the instruction I know it is a must to save the device 's public key into a folder called - core_keys for later hand-shaking. I have a few questions about the keys no matter for the photon or core.

  1. can the public and private key stored in the device change sometimes or not ?
  2. and in the server production, should the public keys of all devices all ready being preloaded into the server side, how would you load so many keys in advance ?
  3. is it a normal practice to store the keys into a folder or it is just for the sake of easy implementation, I wonder if the server has to manage tens of thousand of keys, use the folder to store the keys would be less efficient, are you storing these keys into database in real practice ?

Hi @helxsz,

Good question! We’re constantly improving our production cloud, and we strive for it to be scalable, robust, and support millions of devices! It’s made up of many servers spread across the world, and we monitor it constantly. :slight_smile:

The local cloud is more targeted towards home use, and might not support thousands of devices. The cost of the cloud is included when you buy hardware, or it can also be arranged separately ( ).

1.) The cloud only has the public key for the device, and the device has the public key for the cloud.

2.) Yes, it’s a good idea to pre-load all your public keys onto the server, this effectively gives you a form of key-pinning

3.) This is mostly for the sake of ease on the local cloud. We do lots of fancy stuff on the big cloud. :slight_smile: