How to measure distance to several objects?

I’m using an HC-SR04 sensor right now, but I find that the single output doesn’t provide me with enough data about the environment around it.

I’ve been looking into sensors I could potentially use for a while now, but didn’t really find anything at an acceptable price (<$100 preferably). Are there any solutions to measure the distance at several angles, other than using multiple sensors or using a servo motor? The angles are fixed; I need to retrieve data right in front of the sensor, and preferably at about 10 degrees to all four sides of it, so Im able to estimate the shape of the object.

Ultrasonic has my preference, but infrared can be acceptable.

Have you seen this?

Instead of the distance this sensor measures the temperature :slight_smile:

Yeah, I should have mentioned :smiley: I need to measure the distance to objects, not living things, so a thermal sensor won’t work

My bad :grinning:

So you need one of these but don’t like the price.

Who does? :sweat_smile:

My sensor also doesn’t need to be highly accurate. A resolution of 1 or 2cm is fine, so some of this advanced stuff is just overkill. Someone suggstted the VL53L0X and putting several next to each other. Or I can just take a couple of HC-SR4s, which i think is the most cost-viable option here. They don’t need to send out signals all at once , so signal interference shouldnt be an issue

The VLX530 is a good accurate sensor if it meets your measurement distance needs. Forget this sensor if it’s going to be used under direct sunlight though because background light sources can throw off its readings. I have the sensor and it’s very accurate indoors.