How to integrate AM1008W sensor with particle boron 2G/3G? what are the library files that i have to include. The communications are taking place via UART

I want to integrate Particle Boron 2G/3G with AM1008W sensor to read the data. For this what are the library files that I have to include? The AM sensor communicates via UART protocol.

There isn't a library in the community libraries, however this Arduino library and compiles on Particle with no changes. It's for the I2C version of the AM1008W, however.

Also be careful because the AM1008 must be powered at 5V. However, the Boron only has 3.3V GPIO. It looks like the TTL UART on the AM1008 is 3.3V, however, so that's good and won't require a level-shifter.

I didn't find a AM1008W UART Arduino library, but you can try searching the Internet for that, because it will likely work on Particle as well.

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