How to get Particle Photon CE marking

After conversation with @rickkas7 I finally got my hands on the official certificate for compliance with Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU (found here).

But my CE engineer then tells me that we need a Declaration of Conformity signed by the manufacturer, as any certificate from a test house is meaningless without this.

Is this really needed? If so, how do I get this?

Note: I am using the Photon board without headers in my design, with an external antenna shown here.

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Like the link I provided, your link shows a certificate of compliance. We require a declaration of conformity which is created by the manufacturer. Any certificate from a test house is meaningless without this.

An example would be for this HP printer:

Although yours will be a lot simpler!

Hi @kennethlimcp, is a simple declaration of conformity coming soon? My CE engineer is getting restless!

@william can you chime in on this?

@william is this ever going to be possible?
We could even write it for you! It is very simple. We would just need a signature from your Customer Assurance Manager (or similar).

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@will may be able to help.

Hey there.

My username is @will not @william on the forums which is why I missed this original ping. None of the Elite on the forums are Particle employees, just volunteers who donate much of their time to community moderation.

The best channel to get a document like this is through our customer support team ( and it sounds like you’ve already done that. Can you give me your ticket number so that I can follow up on the request internally?


Hi @will, apologies for pinging the wrong person. The ticket number is 40617.
Many thanks.

I will follow up with you over private message to continue discussion.

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