How to develop a new project which base on a new processor?

hi, Kyle:

Here i want to ask you some question about your Particle server.
Now the chip platform we use is MT2503, which is a ARM7EJ-S TM 32-bit RISC processor, and includes the GPRS and GPS functions.
I can’t find the MT2503 processor in your processor list, so if i want to use and connect your Particle server, how can i do?
1. Which server IP and port connection can I use?
2. Which Network communication protocol is used by the server to communicate with the devices? CoAP? If it is CoAP, do I need to be familiar with and transplant the protocol?
3.What is the communication step between the server and the device?(I used to do the steps of communication between the device and the server like this: dev login, svr ack, dev register, svr ack, dev send normal data, svr ack … Are there similar steps for the particle server?)
4. if we develop it ourselves, can you provide any communnication framework and development documentation to us?