How to detect doorbell button is pushed?


I have been playing with the Intel Edison: LEDs, buttons, potentiometers, PIR, accelerometers, temperature sensors, LCD displays

I want to build a fancy doorbell that will play MP3 and/or WAV files. I see two parts to the design.

1: A gizmo that the doorbell is hooked up to that detects when that button, at the door, is pushed and then somehow signals the next gizmo.

2: this gizmo, elsewhere in the house, plays the MP3 and/or WAV files through a speaker.

Question: is the Particle a good choice for detecting the pressing of the doorbell button and “somehow signaling” the second gizmo to play (I don’t need an answer on how to signal or play, for that I will do more research0.


I say yes for both. A bunch of us here have used this ridiculously inexpensive module for playing audio files from a Photon/Electron and it works great!