How to connect the 12v camera module?

I just brought a small 12v camera module, they call it as DAL-700TVL ,, i also find a small video for it,, but still I don’t have enough information how to use it with particle core or photon, it only have three pins, power, ground and video data pin. But then get a close look, I found another interface with SDA, SCL, GND , RESET. seems like it is based on I2C ?

@helxsz, the camera outputs NTSC or PAL video and is NOT compatible with a Core or Photon whatsover. You need a serial or SPI camera instead.

hi,@peekay123, I just upload the picture, there is another interface with SDA, SCL GND, RESET, could I use them?

@helxsz, I can’t seem to find any specs or manual on that camera and nothing on the I2C interface.

For miscellaneous ‘unknown’ devices like this camera, it is best to get it working with a plain but proven Arduino UNO before attempting to roll it into a more advanced but compatible device like the Photon. Arduino support is much wider, and much of the code would be transferable anyway, so my suggestion is using the KISS principle first and get it working so you can get some basic understanding about the functionality, limitations, etc.

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That camera appears to be intended for use in radio controlled model aircraft/quadcopters and is typically connected to a 5.8 GHz radio transmitter (see the other items offered by the seller) to transmit First Person View video to a ground station or set of goggles.

I2C is too slow for anything dealing with video. Most camera chips do provide a I2C interface to set/change camera settings such as frame size/rate, white balance, exposure etc. As there is no documentation on what the camera chip is, the I2C interface is of little use to you.

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The camera in question does have an i2c interface for sending commands to it such as tx mode (pal/ntsc/infrared) only. the video has far to much data throughput for ANY micro-controller to handle let alone the i2c interface which is only 32 bytes at a time.

So what software would you run to adjust setting on this camera? In particular white balance. It’s a great little cam but in sunlight way too bright