How to change the Core LED color?

Hi all,
Yesterday I got my spark core and it all worked fine. I want to change or off the Core RGB LED color when my application running, because of the Core RGB LED light is so bright. I think maybe edit and re-build spark core firmware it’s could be, but I want to use without rebuild firmware.
Any good idea to do it?
Thank you.

Hi @hirotakaster,

We added functions to do this recently, you can take control of the RGB led using:

-- take control of the LED

-- resume normal operation

// red, green, blue, 0-255
RGB.color(0, 0, 0); 

Hi @Dave ,
Thank you, that’s nice!! I can control the RGB led :smile:

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This has now been documented in the firmware docs:

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Hi @zach
Thank you for letting me know!!