Feature Request for Primary, Secondary LEDs

I would to request an option for the core. My planned interface for my application only needs only one LED. The core main LED is bright enough for my needs. I would like a firmware option to put the Spark Core status on the secondary LED and have the big LED application programmable. This would be just a simple toggle in the API as to which is showing the Spark status.


So you can totally take control over the “big” LED now, so I guess the new feature you want is moving the breathing to D7 and the small blue LED? You know that don’t need the breathing LED (although I have come to find it reassuring)?

Here is how you take control of the “big” LED.

RGB.color(50, 0, 0);  // r, g, b 0..255

It would be cool to move the breathing effect to D7. It is definitely reassuring, but it’s also nice to use the RGB LED for something other than breathing.

Thanks, missed that - I appreciate the reply.