How to allow customer log into ios app?


I am trying to launch an ios app but I am running into some problem. What I did so far is created a product in the console and generate the “OAuthClientId” and “OAuthSecret”. After the Authentication generation, I use pod key set to add the “OAuthClientId” and “OAuthSecret” keys. Recompile the ios app with

let keys = Keys()
SparkCloud.sharedInstance().oAuthClientId = keys.oAuthClientId()
SparkCloud.sharedInstance().oAuthClientSecret = keys.oAuthSecret()


Everything runs fine, except when I try to log into with a particle account (non team member), it give me User credentials are invalid

I was able to log in with a team member account.

Do I need to enable something in the console to allow customer access? This is my first app launch. Any help will be great. Thanks.