How quickly should Spark variables be updated in Spark Dev?

I have declared and used two Spark variables in my program. They both eventually show up, but it can take several minutes before they show up.

Then they appear briefly, the spinning disks start again, They get some kind of red error symbol. I checked and the Core is still online.

I’m also using a program I saw here, on to show my variables. It can be slow initially, but not nearly as slow as Spark Dev. Later, it is almost instantaneous, while Spark Dev is still showing spinning disks.

Is this normal?

You should be able to refresh the variables in Spark Dev as soon you got your last reading or could also use the eye symbol for automatic updates.
But if your request does time out, it’s most likely that your Core does not maintain the cloud connection properly.

And to help you pinpoint this we’d need to see your code (again - as mentioned in the other thread)