How much faster is compiling on linux?


Does anyone have numbers on how much faster linux compiles code compared to windows? I’m considering setting up a linux enviroment for building my project faster.

But just wanted to get a hint of how much an improvement it is? is it 2x? 5x? 10x?

I’m not sure anyone has hard numbers on how much faster Linux is than Windows at compiling, but I have seen Windows take around 5-10x longer to compile, which is embarrassing when introducing people on Windows to Particle.

Setting up a Linux environment for local Particle Development is certainly worth it.

Particle Workbench will work on most distributions.

If you’re looking for a purely command-line solution I would recommend trying neopo, a tool I maintain that uses the same dependency system as Workbench.

You may find this thread useful:

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Particularly I wouldn’t expect to be that much different on Windows, but my 4th Gen Intel (i7-4810MQ) compiles a small project from scratch (DeviceOS + App) in 3m4s on native Linux (no VM).

But as developing for more firmware level stuff goes, Linux is normally a easier environment to use because all the tools are there!

I haven’t use the Windows Linux subsystem yet, but I believe you would probably get reasonable experience there too.


I’m getting just over 30 seconds on my six year old MBP running Linux in a VM. Neopo FTW

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Did a quick test.

Windows took 4 minutes and 30 seconds to compile device OS and application
Linux using WSL2 took 2 minutes and 30 seconds compile.

Both done with empty project. I havn’t tested with application code and with compile without cleaning the project, but it certainly feels a lot faster.

Let me clarify that slightly… 30 seconds is my compile time with a small project after make clean. Never had a reason to compile the OS.

Not bad!

Just did some testing out of curiosity, both results done from a clean compile and timed with my phone’s stopwatch so give ± 1s on the results.

My Computer:

  • i9-9880H (8c 16t)
  • 16GB DDR4
  • Win 10 Enterprise Version 2004

Workbench Compile - 6 mintes 29 seconds
Neopo Compile using WSL2 and Debian 10.1 - 3 minutes 17 seconds

Not sure if I’m impressed or depressed tbh.

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Must be some parallel compile config somewhere… hahaha

I did a new run today with 2.0rc, got 2m35s, seems about right