Any way to speed up local compile?

Is there any way to compile just the application and not the system-parts when compiling locally? I’m noticing that compile time can take upwards to 5 min each time, and it’s very hard to debug firmware.

I don’t view the cloud IDE environment as viable.

It turns out that I might have an answer to my own question. I thought that I would post it here in case anyone else has a similar question.

Answer: You can run make -j4 PLATFORM=photon while in the user directory. I believe that you can also include APP= to just compile the app that you want.

It appears that this doesn’t create the .bin file… Still looking into it.

Have you looked into po-util?

If you only want the application firmware built you should be building from main and to avoid rebuilding already built, unchainged modules you can leave out the clean keyword.
This should speed up you build.

@nrobinson2000 - as said before -, while we appreciate your po-util, could you still at least try to address the question the Particle way first?
After that you can suggest your utility as “more convnient” option, but since this won’t work for Windows users, don’t let them dangle with a non-answer.

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Wow. Not to be antagonistic but isn’t this a forum?

Is “we” meant to be the Royal “we”?

It seems even Particle sometimes considers suggestions that aren’t necessarily the “Particle way”… or one would hope.


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Thank you nrobinson2000 and Scruffr for the help, I really appreciate it. I missed some documentation that pointed out the 'build from main" trick. I absolutely love this platform (which includes the cloud tools)!

Now I need to set up an IDE where I can set breakpoints, however that’s for another day.


@BulldogLowell, sorry for creating the impression I was trying to “fight off” any 3rd party tool - that was not my intention.

@nrobinson2000, as stated: Particle, the Elites and (I’m sure all) community members do encourage any contribution to fill gaps in the Particle tool park and many members have clearly expressed their appreciation for your po-util. So I hope you can accept my apology if my comment did offend you. My actual intention was to also have the stock options at least mentioned even if there may be more conventient ways (as alternative).

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