How much data does KeepAlive use?

Hi, Does anyone know approximately how much data a KeepAlive function with an input of 60 (60 seconds) uses in a year? and also could it be that this function makes my electron disconnect and reconnect immediately at random times? Thanks

Note: Each keep alive ping consumes 122 bytes of data (61 bytes sent, 61 bytes received).

Just multiply that out to calculate how much data you’ll use in a time period. It won’t cause the device to disconnect and reconnect by itself, however in the process of sending the keep-alive it could discover that it had lost the connection and would then attempt to connect again.

In the absence of setting the keep alive, the period is every 23 minutes. This will only work with a Particle SIM card.

Some SIM cards (AT&T and Google Fi) need a really short keep-alive, often 30 seconds.

Great! Thanks