How much bandwith does Particle Publish use?

How much bandwidth does the Particle Photon use? Let’s assume the Particle Photon is publishing an event once a second (the maximum rate in which Particle’s service allows events). How much bandwidth would the Particle Photon use per hour, day, week month, year et cetera…?

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This is for the electrons that we have.
yea. i’m seeing almost 5MB in the past day, with only publishing once a minute.
It wasn’t like that last week. Does cellular connection/reconnection contribute alot? we haven’t done any otas to these devices either.

@elevatorguy, are you deep sleeping or turning off and on the cellular radio often?

I was talking about the Photon and not the Electron.

@Greg123 Sorry about that.

@peekay123 moved discussion over to Recent electron data usage

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That’s fine

In terms of the electron, that is normally connected to the cloud, without sleep. But does not publish anything, except an event once a day with one character as e name and no parameters… I am seeing high consumption of data.

I am sure the event is only publishing once a day. I am seeing about .1 MB per day. With a max of two events.

Any clues? Am I doing something wrong or is this expected?