How many years can Photon Survive

How many years can Photon run continuously running 24*7,and the operating conditions are maintained as per the datasheet?

I wouldn’t know but it also depends on the usage. If you use the flash a lot you might kill the flash before the actual uC or WiFi chip dies.

I have my Core now for aprox 1.5 years (used 24/7 for 6 months aprox) and it perfectly fine. (and I even abused it by short circuiting something on accident, some water drops etc)

Have you seen either of these?


I’ve also had good luck with no bit-rot occurring when a device isn’t used for months at a time. Bit-rot being when code that used to work no long works after a duration of inactivity. It’s a programmer’s bane!

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100,000 flash cycles is per the chip spec.
I’ve used MCUs with debugging where I flash maybe 50 times a day - as edit/compile/flash with SWD/JTAG is just like edit/compile/run on PC software development.
Never had an issue with flash wearing out – in months of doing so. If it did, I’d just toss the cheap board and use another, and chalk it up to cost of learning. Unless you have a REALLY expensive board.

One should not programmatically write MCU flash space if the program’s interval doing so is imprudent.

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