MTBF & Expected Useful Life of P1

I am trying to assess the product service lifetime and the number of failures I might get out of say, two thousand P1s per year if they are all running 24/7. I found a discussion thread on the Core, which uses CC3000.

The P1 module is different from the CC3000 so I was wondering if anyone can point me to any test results from the factory. The MTBF, for example, is not mentioned on the USI datasheet nor the Particle website. I suspect it is “very long” but would like to have a numerical answer to that if we were to ship 10K units per quarter later on.

Any help is appreciated!

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Hey, did you reach any quantitative conclusion with this? I am also interested to know the MTBF of a Photon running 24/7!

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BTW, for anyone interested, I have had a Photon monitoring and controlling water at my house (one of the first leak detection prototypes we made) for about 4 years now operating 24/7.
I imagine it has a few more years left in it and as long as the manufacturing stays consistent as it has, this is indicative of others too.