How many Sparks Can an app control?

I would like to know if there is any possibility that a single app control more than one spark. Is that possible?

I have a project to do and I’m studying what is the best way to do it, and spark seems to me the best solution, but I could not find on the documentation if it is possible to control more than one spark core with one app.

Thanks! =)

Yeah you can. Multiple cores can be claimed under one :spark: account and you can control them by their core id :slight_smile:

You can control as many Cores as you want from a single app. The only limits are:

  1. Your wallet (how many Cores can you afford?)
  2. Spark’s production run
  3. Your programming ability (and/or the ability of the language)
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Yes. In fact, the standard Tinker app can associate itself with multiple cores. I thought that the iPhone app source was available, but I don’t see it in the spark github. There, is however, source there for an iOS RC car control app, and an Android app, which might have the bits you need. (I’m assuming you meant mobile app, but it would still be true if you meant something else, obviously)

You have bunch of good answers already but I will add two more points:

  • There is a limit to how many simultaneous connections you can have from a host to a core or to the cloud. For a PC, Mac or Linux box, that number is several hundred to several thousand simultaneous connections, but for an iPhone or Android I think it will be a lot less, probably less than 20. You can work around this by controlling the cores sequentially if your application does not have to have exactly simultaneous control.

  • If are you just running out of digital I/O pins, there are lots of ways to extend one core to have many, many IO pins. Certainly hundreds of pins are possible with i2c or SPI extenders.

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