How does the "Connect a core" works?

Out of pure curiosity, how do you send the wifi credentials to the core, before the core is connected to that wifi ?

The iphone is connected to a wifi network that requires a password. The core is not yet connected (blinking blue).
However, the iphone app somehow manages to send the wifi credentials to the core. How do you do that ?
Since the core is not connected to the wifi network, it doesn’t have an IP address so you can’t really connect to it via a tcp connection or another connection.

You might want to give this a long read :slight_smile:

Basically they encode your network SSID and password into a message that is broadcast to everyone and anyone… and the CC3300 Wifi chip on the Spark Core listens for those messages and decodes them… just like you can see your neighbor’s Wifi SSID being broadcast.