How do I get a stream of Events in REST Client i.e. Firefox RESTClient?

I’m trying to get a Stream of a particular Particle to a RESTClient, but I’m new at this and I’m not sure exactly what to use for a Method. I’m assuming I use GET and then this link… <

Do I have to put something into the request body as well?
and if I do, what do I put in those fields?
I know I can just put that address into Chrome and it’ll actually show me the stream, but I need to know how to set up the RESTClient in Firefox or some similar RESTClien. See Pics.

When I try a GET, I get nothing…

When I try a POST, I get…

thanks in advance for any help.

You can also paste it in the url box of your web browser and an event stream will be available.

I don’t think there needs to be anything in the request body to the RESTClient you are using.

I’m aware that I can just paste to URL box of a browser, but I nee to know how to set this up in a REST Client.
What I’m actually trying to do is use a app called HMI Draw to get the Stream without using a timer to refresh a variable.
See attached screenshots of the options that I have.
I enter the same url into the baseApiUrl that works in Chrome, but I get a Error: invalid token in the app.