How can we select different serial configuration other than default, such as "8E1", is it supported?

I just started using this platform, so far so good, however I just hit a wall on my project.
I cant figure out how to change the parity when configuring the SERIAL1 port.

I am using a Particle cellular electron, I had read a few blogs and all of them kind of disappointed me. does anyone knows if this had been already solved?

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That feature was just added in system version 0.6.0-rc1, which is in pre-release However, if you are using Particle Build (Web IDE) you can just select the device, the “>” icon and select Build with Firmware version 0.6.0-rc1. With that set, I was able to compile this program:

void setup() {
    Serial1.begin(9600, SERIAL_8E1);

void loop() {
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Considering this is the electron, and folks might not want to blow through their data limit upgrading pre-release system firmware, perhaps it’s a good idea to first upgrade that over a cable?
Should all be explained here: Particle Firmware Updates Thread


Actually I think 8E1 is already available for a while, but 0.6.0-rc.1 has some additional 7bit protocols and fixed a 9bit bug.

Thanks to all, it is actually supported on 0.6.0-rc.1, it took me a while figuring out how to upgrade the system firmware.


ScruffR was right, SERIAL_8E1 was added in 0.5.0, not 0.6.0. I was thinking about SERIAL_7E1, which was added in 0.6.0. But since your Electron probably had 0.4.8 on it, it did not have support for either. In any case, a lot of good work was done on serial in 0.6.0 so that’s a good version to target for serial-based code since you had to upgrade anyway.

Just be aware that 0.6.0-rc.1 is a release candidate and not an official release, so using it on a remote device might require you to visit the device once the official release is out to update.