How can I establish a connection with Local server without encryption

What I really want is to connecte my core to a local server (the simplest the best),
collecting measurments.
So, no enryption is required, and of course no performance overhead is needed.
What can I do, in a simplest way than reading the whole firmware.

You are trying to collect measurements with the Spark and send that information to a local server?

If so,

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Thanks for the advice, but if I am rigth , this approach is implemented in “application.cpp” which means that all unnessacery code of spark specialized handshaking and encryption between core and server is still there, making job more cmplex than it could be.
I am trying to reengineer firmware in order to have the simplest connection, between core and some server.
Further more, I am working absolutly local, and some things e.g. like keepping serial connection active does not work, after uploading code to core, (so no debuging?)
I am still trying, and any advice can help me, at least to understand what I am doing wrong.