How can a Xenon recycle power to itself?

I have found it sometimes useful to recycle power to my Patrticle devices, like once every 24 hours. Currently, I am doing it with an external timer. I know that I can reset the board with the System.reset command but as previous posts have indicated, this never “really” resets everything.

Not knowing enough about electronics, is there a way a Xenon can recycle power to itself, using for example a relay feather only? My thought is powering the Xenon using the NC output of the relay powered externally by 5V, then using the Xenon to set the relay high by its pin, which would cause immediate but temporary loss of power to it.

I did not try this in fear of burning the board …

I’m not sure if you are correct there.
While this might be true for devices that have a secondary radio the Xenon doesn’t have that.

What do you mean by “… secondary”? Does this mean the reset command zeroes all registers?

Does this also apply to a Boron? Would the relay circuit described above work for it?

I was missing the word “radio” there. The argon has an ESP32 and the Boron a ublox module as coprocessor to run the gateway radio.

Thank you @ScruffR, it is clear now.

A solution to my question may be this:

I’d rather (re)ask the question why is it happening.
As I said, since there is only one µC on the device System.reset() should do the same thing to it as pulling the RST line low.

But yes, that thing should work too.

@ScruffR, You raise a good point.

Since the OS internally must be communicating with the micro and its onboard radio, System.reset should reset the radio first before it resets the board registers …