Hooking up the spark to arduino relay shield

Hi @puddlerocks

I am glad it is working for you! The only problem you will have without an inverter on the output is that the pump will turn on briefly when the core is powered up–after that things are fine.

For your time feature, you can use millis() which counts in milliseconds and rolls over approximately every 49 days. There are 86,400,000 milliseconds in 24 hours and 300,000 milliseconds in 5 minutes. Then you would have to restart spark the first time at the time you wanted it to pump every day, so it could just count from there. With a small amount of web control, you could make this easier.

Or you could use the built-in real-time clock but that feature is not quite complete. Very soon in the web IDE and available now if you do a local build.

Or you could use my network-based real-time clock shown in this posting: