[HomeKit] Connect your Photon to HomeKit without homebridge

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Hi, sry for late response. I have a lot of other work - this is just hobby, low priority. But still can you describe steps to reproduce the problem? How can i reproduce it? I will look at the problem.

Also TcpClient.status() might be buggy, but what firmware version are you running?

As far as i understand your fix - if new client is connected within the same IP address, you just close the old one? It seems legit, can you please “clean it” and prepare Merge request, i will accept it.


This is such a fantastic project! I’ve only got a Particle Core at the moment, so need to get my hands on a few Photon’s or Argon’s soon.

I noticed on your GitHub project page that this supports blinds (I’m assuming rolling blinds?) and was wondering whether it could also support garage door (open/close and status?).


Hello Jeff,

yes, garage door is supported accessory in Homekit, but i did not provide any example for this. But you can easily implemented on your own. You just need to implement proper services and characteristics. You can look into to my examples and inspire yourself. Also look into homekit documentation, includeded in my repo.