High power consumption in HIBERNATE with 3.3v poer

Using Boron LTE 402

When the power supply drops to 3.3V the power consumption in the hibernate mode goes to 470uA rather than ~120uA.
Does anybody know how to fix this or what's causing it? Concerned that as the device's battery decreases, it might start to consume more and more power.

I am using the OTII power supply
Hibernate power consumption per voltage:
3.75v 119uA
3.6v 121uA
3.5v 467uA
3.4v 936uA



void setup() {

void loop() {
    // Change the sleep mode accordingly
    System.sleep(SystemSleepConfiguration().mode(SystemSleepMode::STOP).gpio(D0, FALLING));

The Boron cannot be powered at 3.3V on VIN or Li+. The modem requires 3.6V to operate properly, and also must be running to be put into low power mode.

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