Heroku examples & info

For a long time spark says coming soon heroku & spark web apps.
Can someone start writing this, and explain if any what the costs are with heroku?
I see a 5c per hour charge, but not sure how that relates directly to a spark.
Given enough time, I hope to post free versions using appache and winamp. This wont happen really fast as Im paying someone to do, and don’t have the skills myself. Eventually I want to publish as open source software.

Where’s this information from? :smiley:

I’m anxiously waiting got the local cloud to be released and run on/in the following platforms:

  1. Raspberry Pi

  2. Beaglebone black

  3. Heroku

  4. Docker/Flynn/tsuru

Heroku is a cloud platform for your to deploy apps. The cost comes from how much traffic your App will get when you start running it and it really depends :wink:

I’m not the best person to comment but more of a layman’s understanding :slight_smile:

Heroku is a cool platform, and I recommend checking their docs out if you’re looking for examples on how to host apps there: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/getting-started-with-nodejs

I’m working on the local cloud now, and hoping to start a beta program in the coming weeks. It will be a simple node.js app, so most anywhere you can run that, you can probably run the local cloud. :smile:



Here’s a Heroku app that I did as a fancy way to control the Spark Core. This was before Tinker came out. It’s a bit out of date since we now use device ID’s and access tokens, but that would be fairly easy to add if you wanted to look at this as an example.

The live demo still runs, link at the bottom of the github info.


I’m just checking in to see if there are any step by step examples of using spark core with heroku. for example, I want to process Jason request from a weather prediction and send an instruction to the spark core.