Private Spark Server Hosting and Management interface

I would like to create a product using the sparkcore as the platform. I have prototyped a core and verified that the hardware will do what I want. Now I’m looking for some guidance on the cloud software to achieve a couple things:

  1. Provide an application specific interface for configuration. Is it possible create a web app to do this rather than an iPhone/Andriod app?
  2. Host my own spark server and to allow a new user to create an account and add/control more devices as they add them. What type of framework is available to build something like this or are there off the self solutions for this? I would also need administrator access to all my customers connected devices for tech support and account management.

I’m more of a H/W guy so any advice would greatly be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

@fozebaire Hopefully this will help you get started.

  1. There is a Spark JavaScript SDK called SparkJS which you can use to build a web app to interact with the Spark Cores.

  2. There is a local server project - spark-server which you can use to set up your own server.

Thanks Brett.

  1. That helps with the web app side.
  2. I see the server is available for download but I will need web interfaces for both myself and the customer with specific permissions control. I’m guessing that no canned or easily modified solution exist. Is that correct?

Ah yes. I misread your first post. The spark-server only gives you a local server to replace the Spark Cloud. I am not aware of any server project that has the web interfaces you’re looking for, but I’d recommend looking into Spark projects for one.

We should probably bring @Dave and @jgoggins into the conversation on the Spark side.

Good questions @fozebaire and thanks @brett13 for helping to answer. As recommended, the JavaScript SDK should be what you need to build a web app. On the server side, the reference designs are posted via the link Brett shared, although it would be very straightforward to leverage the cloud we operate today.

Dan, I would like to leverage the cloud that you operate today but I’m not sure how I could accomplish what I would need by using at is. For example, I’ll need to have control over a customer interface in order to make it specific to my application, right now it’s a spark login. As well, I would need to be able to have a way to manage a customer’s account should there be an issue. Also, I may need to access all customer devices in case an update is required and to aggregate customer data for analysis. Can I ‘white label’ the spark cloud? I understand there would need to be a business case for this to make sense.


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Hi @fozebaire - we absolutely do plan to support commercial products running on our hosted platform, and to have them ‘white-labeled’ - in other words, nobody knows that we’re part of the equation, we’re just at the infrastructure layer. Right now it’s entirely possible to do so by simply building your own web or mobile app and use your own branding everywhere; @zachary is also working on a “product creator workflow” that will simplify this process, but it’s still in development.

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Hi Zach,

Thanks for your response. That sounds like a solution that would work for us. We would like to leverage your backend and focus on other areas of our product.

I understand that “product creator workflow" may be in beta but maybe we can work out business model that would make sense for the both of us. The nature of our product won’t have us launching until later next year with our own beta in the first half of the year. Also, we intend to launch a consumer version first and then work on a commercial version of product to follow.



Totally makes sense - whenever you want to chat, send an email to and we’d love to chat through the business model and see how we can help!

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Is it possible to setup the WiFi for a Spark Core with an own app? Can’t find anything about that in the docs.

Yeah, that should be possible. The Core makes use of the Smart Config software. There are some topics on the process here on the forum that might be worthwhile reading through. Since the software is proprietary, it couldn’t be released in the open source app, but you should be able to integrate it yourself.

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