Help with waking Electron from Network Standby with SMS

Hello and thanks for any help in advance…

I’m having issues with putting my electron into System.sleep(RI_UC, RISING, SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY);
and then using a SMS RI-UC to wake it from its sleep.

I have all SMS features working and can turn off/on a digital pins. What I want to do is SMS the electron to put it into Network_Standby which works fine. (this part works fine, well puts it into Newtwork standby mode anyway)
However when I send it an SMS to wake up it received the SMS and either does nothing and goes back to sleep or crashes and resets the electron. I would like it to wake up and stay away

This is the part of my code to put it to sleep.

if (smsProvided_Command == “networkstandby”)
sendSMS(“Entering NETWORK Standby mode”, phoneReturn);
delay (1000);
return 1;

Do I need to do any setting up of the RI_UC?
Do I need to send a specific SMS command to wake or should any SMS wake up the device??

Any help would be appreciated. I have searched all forums and Github but could find nothing that works for me.

A quick guess would be to clear smsProvided_Command before entering System.sleep().

Can’t remember if the entire MCU gets a reset upon wake up in that mode.

Ok, I tried clearing SMS, no difference. I did try the Network.Standby on a timer and it worked fine.

I haven’t actually found a working example on line of waking up the Electron by RI_UC on network mode. :frowning:

Has anyone managed to wake up the Electron via SMS when it is in Network sleep mode?

What exactly do you mean by that?[quote=“ric_hard, post:4, topic:35122”]
Network sleep mode
With or without SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY in the System.sleep() call?
Also what sleep mode? Deep sleep won’t wake on SMS at all.

@ScruffR sorry network standby mode…


I’m looking to put the Particle to Network Standby to reduce current. I want it to wake up on an SMS.

However it just panics and goes SOS.

I’d have to check again, but I’m sure when I did my tests that worked - although I triggered for FALLING IIRC

This works


When does it SOS?
On enter sleep, on SMS reception or on wake?
What do you do after wake?
What SOS code do you get?

The more info you provide immediately the better the answers may be.

I have my Particle set up to turn a pin on and off via sms. works well. So now I want to send an sms to put it into Sleep Network Standby mode to reduce its current draw when I do not need to access it for a while. I then want to sent it a sms to wake it up and ultimately do what the sms says like turn off. hope that makes sense. here is the section of the code that I am trying to use to put it into low current mode.

if (smsProvided_Command == “lowcurrent”)
sendSMS(“Device has been switched to low power mode”, phoneReturn);
sendSMS(“awake”, alertNumber);
return 1;

The particle enters that mode but when I send it a SMS it goes into SOS Hard fault and resets.

Thanks @ScruffR I located your example and once I ran it in the Loop rather then running via SMS it worked. I just use SMS to trigger a mode for example To Standby or not to standby.

Cheers Ric

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