Help with Spark core Relay and UK mains power

I am trying to wire a UK 3 wire 240v cable to the spark core relay board but after searching online I can’t seem to figure out what to do :s sorry newb question.

Have you checked this out already?
Just for my own conscience:

mains power can, and will, KILL you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Please make sure you’re working safely, or else let someone experienced help you!

Thanks for the reply @Moors7! I’ve been reading a lot and doing smaller projects but I just need to clarify before testing; If I have the Spark Relay shield is all I have to do is split the live wire into the NO/NC with the other end coming into the COMM? Thanks again.

[removed potentially misconstruable adivce that could cause a short-circuit when the relay was closed. @mdma]

You should then be able to switch it by toggling the relevant pin. You can use the Tinker app for quick testing.
Again, if you’re not comfortable working with mains, please take extra precautions to be safe. Turn of the power before handling the wires, use insulated equipment, triple check everything, etc. Be careful!
Let us know if you require any further help. You can make a picture of the connected setup if you like us to check it.


Live feed (brown) to Comm

Live output to load to either NO or NC, depending on whether you want the load on or off by default (NO = off by default, NC = on by default).

Neutral feed goes directly to neutral of the load (blue)

Earth feed goes directly to earth of the load (green/yellow)

Make sure the relay shield is either supported off the mounting surface by spacers, or on a dry insulating surface that is rated for mains.


This setup works perfectly! Here’s the first test, I just need to get a project housing box for the relay.