Help using a NeoPixel strip (hardware)

Hi there,
I have done a few IoT projects and now I have a new idea that involves a neopixel strip and a 6-axis gyro. Problem is, I don’t know enough about this hardware to get it working. I’d like it to be battery powered.

I have a couple Photons, a breadboard and an electronics starter kit. I’ve got a soldering iron and a bit of soldering experience.

I have seen a few tutorials but I normally can’t find a 1:1 match at the MicroCenter website, where I’d prefer to pick up my parts. I’d love to get something going and appreciate any help you give. Thanks!

What components are you not finding?
If you limit your sources to one “shop” we’d need to know how limited their particular stock is.
They also should be able to provide you with possible alternatives for components they haven’t got.

However, for a project like you descirbe, I can’t see what “exotic” components you’d be looking for.

BTW, if you want to run that project off of a battery, how many NeoPixels are you planning on using simultaneously? The power draw of NeoPixel strips can be quite high (and is dependent on colour too - 100% white is ~60mA per LED).

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The Adafruit guide to NeoPixels is a good place to learn about that part of the project:

Thanks, right on this page was a newer project that is really similar to my idea.

I followed their supplies list and got most of the things from MicroCenter and had to order from Adafruit the micro lipo charger and a tactile on/off switch. It cost shipping and will take longer, but I hope this is enough to get me set up.
The battery is 3.7V, that will works for Particle Photons, right?

I plan on using about a 3 ft neopixel, low density. Shouldn’t take too much, I don’t think. I ordered this thing:
I’m hoping that will be enough.

I guess “low density” means 30/m which would be 27 LEDs on your 3ft (which BTW are meant to be powered at 5V), consequently the LEDs can draw up to 1620mA plus ~300mA for the Photon you’ll get about half an hour of full white.

Since you may need step-up converter to get 5V for the LEDs the time may be even shorter.

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Oh, would there be a 5V battery that would work better?