Help! Photon with Nokia 5110 LCD

I can’t get this to work!!!

and I don’t know where to start, Im pretty new with the photon, actually just a couple of days since I recieved it.

I’m using this library:
,GitHub - dgsmith/SparkCore-Nokia5110LCD: An Implementation of SparkFun's Nokia 5110 Library for the Spark Core

I read this full thread:

@FistOfTheNorthStar said that he could connect them together without modifications, I tried it… and nothing…

when I looked for the library I found this: “The Serial data and Serial clock pins should stay at the default A3 and A5, respectively.” so I thought that FistOfTheNorthStar was wrong (he inverted A3 and A5)

I’m using firmware 0.4.5 and I’m could flashing

I’m kind of stucked, any help?


Did you get any help here?

@eirikso are you having some issues using it? I have one working on my table :slight_smile:

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For the people ending here after searching: yes, I had issues but got help from @kennethlimcp over in the original thread: Nokia 5110 DIsplay (Graphic LCD 84x48 from Nokia 3310) [SOLVED]

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