Help getting gps shield and electron working

hi, we recently got a few electron and gps shields to create a prototype. and are having some issues. i and using there i went to libraries then asset tracker from there i clicked use this example. it created a app called 1_GPS_FEATURES. i selected that app and clicked on the compile and download firmware binary button. the electron was placed on the gps board properly and there is a cr1220 coin cell in it. i connected the electron to the usb to flash the firmware to the board. opened up the cli on my mac and ran the commands

$ particle flash --serial firmware.bin
! PROTIP: Hold the SETUP button on your device until it blinks blue!
? Press ENTER when your device is blinking BLUE
sending file: firmware.bin

Flash success!

i unplugged the electron from the usb connector. went outside plugged in the battery to the electron. it flashed green for little bit then started to slowly pulsate blue and red. half was blue half was red… i noticed no sort of light or activity indicator in the gps shield. went to the and then to logs and saw this

spark/status/safe-mode{“f”:[],“v”:{},“p”:10,“imei”:“353162078233120”,“iccid”:“8934076500002932895”,“m”:[{“s”:16384,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“f”:“b”,“n”:“0”,“v”:6,“d”:[]},{“s”:131072,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“f”:“s”,“n”:“1”,“v”:11,“d”:[]},{“s”:131072,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“f”:“s”,“n”:“2”,“v”:11,“d”:[{“f”:“s”,“n”:“1”,“v”:11,"":""}]},{“s”:131072,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:26,“u”:“6E29EA34FD2268890774B0B698704FB6DE721FB3E8F74B76D87FE5145B2E0846”,“f”:“u”,“n”:“1”,“v”:4,“d”:[{“f”:“s”,“n”:“2”,“v”:102,"":""}]},{“s”:131072,“l”:“f”,“vc”:30,“vv”:0,“d”:[]}]}December 1st at 9:49:45 am

what do i do to have it run and get gps coordinates? why is there no activity indicator or power indicator being shown on the gps board? i tried replacing cr1220 cell batteries though all three are brand new and all had same results. any idea how to properly run this gps example?


here is the device and setup

Your device is in safe mode, most likely because the user firmware has a higher version than the system firmware. What version is your electron targeted at in the IDE?
If you’ve got the proper setup for DFU, try ‘particle update’ while in DFU mode.