Help downgrading Boron OS via OTA

I am trying to downgrade the Boron 404 OS that is remote to me via OTA. I have found this Versions and upgrades | Reference | Particle

When I type the command via CLI
particle flash 'device name' "C:Users\Desktop\boron-system-part1@5.3.1.bin" it complains about an access token. So, via CLI I type particle token create. Where does the newly created token belong in the command? No matter where I place it, it complains "I couldn't find that file"

Spinning my wheels on this one. Just trying to downgrade from 5.7.0 to 5.3.1 because it broke my firmware with 5.7.1.

Thanks in advance

Use particle login to set the access token for the CLI, not particle token create, which creates a token for use with other applications.

Make sure you downgrade your user firmware before Device OS, otherwise the device will upgrade immediately after you downgrade it.


Thank you

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