Heatbeat - Any possibility of direct Integration?

I’ve seen over the past years that folks have played with various “heartbeat” implementations at Particle. I’ve also seen, at other websites, that heartbeat functions are now becoming a standard part of their infrastructure.

The cleanest implementation would seem to be a timed Particle Integration that would trigger a webhook based on a “last heard” time vs. a user-selected timer. In other words, if I’m pushing data once per hour, I could set an Integration to send me a message, say, at 70 minutes after the last data upload, to say the heartbeat cadence has failed.

With the number of ever-more-critical functions being pushed to the cloud, a push notification that the expected data never arrived would be useful. Heck, even the Hologram Dash had it in its final days! :slight_smile:

Thoughts welcome!, and thank you!

So you would like to monitor incoming connections and have an alert pop up if the heartbeat stops?
You won’t be able to do this using the Particle infrastructure, since integrations are triggered by devices.

It should be easy enough to craft a script that listens to an integration and sends you a message if the signal stops coming through.