Having trouble compiling

Hi I’m trying run this app from github, and I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to get it running.

The app is here: https://github.com/synox/openweathermap-spark-lib

I have tried using spark-cli to compile it but I get

Error: EISDIR, read

You have some files that the compiler shouldn’t be getting.

  • keywords.txt
  • the DIR utility if it’s not used by the files

So you can create a new file spark.ignore

and add in .txt and utility

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The DIR utility is used by the files, it has jmsn.cpp and jsmn.h in it as per instructions on the website.

Please remove the file keywords.txt or add a spark.ignore file and see how it goes :slight_smile:

I have put keywords.txt and README.md in spark.ignore and I am still receiving the error

You need to put the file extensions .txt and .md one line after another in spark.ignore and not the full filename

Opps. On second thought, what you did should work.

Can you try to exclude the utility folder and test?

If you mean by adding utility to spark.ignore, upon doing that I get
with a bunch of warnings.

Can you zip up those files and mail/dropbox to me?

I don’t see why it should take so long to nail the problem :smile:

Let me take a look, find the problem and get back to you if you wish!

Sure thing!

here is a link to the original repository I found this on:


i feel like i’m jumping down a rabbit’s hole but i would suggesting getting it to work on the Web IDE first.

  1. the application.cpp and application.h should be renamed to yourprojectname.cpp/.h since the compiler has a application.h in the and doing so will cause a conflict

  2. There seem to be some lines in your source code which is giving the compile error. I’m sure once you catch all those little errors, your code will compile well on Spark-cli

Give it a shot! You will feel a sense of accomplishment once you nail all the errors and i wouldn’t want to deprive you on that :slight_smile:


Alright I’ll check it out, thanks for all your help!

I have been trying to use the Web IDE for a while now and I have made changes 1. to the code, and also removed jsmn.cpp and jsmn.h from the utility folder and put it straight on the IDE as a .cpp…h files while changing the path from utility/jsmn.h to just jsmn.h but I am still having figuring this out :\

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See which files and line the error is at and zoom in from there