GSM/CDMA Shield?

I have no idea what I’m getting myself in to, but would it be difficult to make a small shield/addon for a spark-powered device that could give it web access using cell phone networks? Something smaller than a portable hotspot, or that could be integrated in a space-conserving manner optimally.

If so, where would I start?

You can use GSM shields with the shield shield for prototyping and test things out.

Also, we had a few conversation before and you can search the discourse for it :slight_smile:

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This thing is really small, and should play nicely with microcontrollers.

I like Adafruit in general but this one puzzles me: That GSM module only works with 2nd generation GSM which in the US is only T-Mobile (and only because they don’t have enough capital to upgrade). A 3rd or 4th gen GSM module would be better.

Is it possible to use a FONA with a Core or Photon because I could not find any library?
It would be a great displacement until I receive my Electron! :smile: