Graphing X versus Y on Google Docs from collected data from Particle

Hey Guys,

So I collect data from a sensor and I get two readings from it and I want to plot them on an X-Y Graph. So what I am doing is I have an array X (for the x-axis) and I have an array Y (for the y-axis). Now I Particle.Publish both of them and I see them on the dashboard.

Now I want to be able to see these two values in two columns on a Google Spreadsheet so that I can graph them. I understand that the two channels I have to use are Particle and Google Drive.

Can someone help me with setting this up? I’m having trouble just getting one axis to show up on the spreadsheet and the syntax is not very familiar to me.

Thanks!, search this forum for Google! You’ll find lots of information there.

Could you post a close example? I cant seem to find one that matches what I am looking for.

Thanks, you’ll have to do the digging yourself but I believe this topic covers what you need:

hey, in this video they describe a bit how to create a chart:


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