Granular Per-Device Data Usage in Product SIM Management Tool?

Hey! Super excited to see the release of the fleet SIM management tool the other day. I just entered a SIM into it to play around a bit, and wasn’t able to find any way to see more granular per-device usage stats. Is there any way to see per device usage for SIMS managed by the Product SIM tool? As far as I can tell its only possible to see total fleet usage.

A strong use case for more granular data would be diagnosing individual devices that are using way too much data, or knowing if a device will exceed its data limit. In our case, data usage is pretty configuration driven, so per device stats will be super helpful.


Hey @beck,

Thanks for the ping, glad you are taking advantage of the new SIM management tools! You’re correct – as of now there is only tools for fleet-wide SIM data usage. Down the road, we will likely add the ability to see SIM-level data usage.


Thanks for confirming. Just curious, is there a timeline for the SIM-level usage feature?

Not at the moment.

Hey @beck ,

Check out:

There is a newly documented endpoint for getting usage data per-SIM in a product fleet. Enjoy!

GET /v1/products/:productIdOrSlug/sims/:iccid


Woohoo thats great news! Looking forward to using more of Particle’s SIM management API