Google Cloud Platform integration failing: Timed Out

I’m following the tutorial on Google Cloud Platform integration but I’m stuck on the Enabling the Integration step. When clicking on TEST, I get the following error:

Bummer! The test of your integration was unsuccessful.

The attempt failed with the following error message:

Timed Out

Double check that you configured your integration correctly. You may need to re-create it if this failure persists.

Is there a way to debug this error to see how exactly this is failing? I’ve verified on the Particle side that the topic is correct, and on the GCP side that the topic has Pub/Sub Publisher permissions for the account

It seems that @rcomeau had a similar issue here, but was not answered.


I had a similar issue, changing the Device to Any when creating the integration seemed to resolve it.

Was the answer below the fix to your problem? For the last three days, I have been trying to set it up, though I am getting a 400 Bad Request message.