Google Cloud Data Storage, Electron Integration Troubleshooting

As my title implies I am trying to set up an integration with my particle electron to Google Datastore. To this point have been following the Particle Guide and rickkas7 guide. I’ve also looked through this discussion but I couldn’t find an answer.

I’ve successfully written my firmware and events can be seen in the Particle console and the “test” of my Google Integration works as well.

Where I am hung up in rickkas7 guide is at the point of “Setting Up App Engine”.
From that point I have:

  1. Installed Google Cloud SDK
  2. Created a Pub/Sub subscription
  3. Downloaded the 1-app directory from his github
  4. Created a service account key file for my project (Under API Manager > Credentials)
    (At this point I didn’t want to test locally)
  5. So I modified the app.yaml fields to match my project, topic, and subscription names.
  6. Initialized the Google Cloud SDK with “gcloud init” and set everything up to match my project.
  7. Navigated to my modified 1-app folder in Google Cloud SDK
  8. Ran “gcloud app deploy” in Google Cloud SDK.

At this point everything ran smoothly until I was given this message:

ERROR: ( INVALID_ARGUMENT: The environment variable(s) ‘GCLOUD_PROJECT’ are not allowed.

From this my suspicion is that I made some sort of error in the app.ymal file because that is where GCLOUD_PROJECT is layed out as an env_variable.

If anyone has any idea what is causing that error or I missed something really obvious help would be greatly appreciated. I also want to note that I have no experience with nodejs or cloud systems prior to this so I am expecting to make some dumb mistakes.

Just wanted to mention that I removed the GCLOUD_PROJECT section under env_variables and tried again and it worked perfectly.

So maybe there was some syntax that changed since the guide was originally written.

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