Global network of cellular carriers

Wanting to setup a Boron on Cellular in Alaska. When looking up what carriers Particle uses, I can only find the statement “global network of cellular carriers”. Can you give a little more detail? I know T-mobile DOES NOT work in that area. AT&T is marginal at best (which I assume Particle uses). Verizon is fair/good but as far as I know, not GSM which I understand Particle uses?? Cell maps don’t work well in Alaska unless you are on the top of the mountains.

Names of US carriers would be helpful.

I will be developing the software in the lower 48 (Kansas) and taking it to the remote site in Alaska.


The Boron 2G/3G normally uses T-Mobile with the built-in Particle SIM. But it can use Commnet Wireless, Alaskan Wireless Network (AWN), Cincinnati Bell, Immix, Manx NA, NewCore, Union Telephone Company, Viaero, Bug Tussel Wireless as backup carriers when T-Mobile is not available in the United States.

The Boron LTE with the built-in Particle SIM only uses AT&T, and can only be used in an area with AT&T LTE service. It won’t work in AT&T roaming areas or areas with 4G (HSPA+) or 3G.



That is what I needed.


Are there plans to support Verizon Cat M1 on the Boron LTE with the Particle (e)SIM?

Hey Daradib,

To my knowledge, there are no explicit plans moving forward at this time for Verizon Cat M1 support. It isn’t to say it couldn’t’ happen in the future, but I wouldn’t anticipate it anytime soon.

And to be clear, the Particle SIM on the E Series and Boron is not a programmable eUICC eSIM.

It’s a MFF2 SIM, which is basically a regular SIM card, but in a SMD form-factor so it can be placed and soldered to the board. It can’t be reprogrammed.

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Got it and thanks for clarifying!