Global Application of Electron

Hi I am trying to understand where the fundamental difference between the Electron 3G (EU) and Electron 3G (US). I know they operate on different frequencies but I am wondering what about the electron dictates this i.e. is it the antenna, sim card or part of the IC on the electron? I have a low production wearable application in which it would be helpful to have one electron switch between global wireless networks either automatically or with minor adjustments for example swapping sim cards of antennas.



@samsonthebrave, it’s in the radio design and can’t be modified. Ublox does make an global version of the module, the Sarah U201, but it is not used in the Electrons. Interestingly, it is fully pin compatible with the U260 and U270 modules presently used on the Electrons.

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@peekay123 thanks that was the info I was looking for.

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