GF Car Stolen... Ugh

Just as an FYI, not trying to sell Electrons here - but if you have an older car, the kind that people can steal with just a screwdriver type of old, the ones that are more valuable as a daily driver car instead of trading it in or selling it for $500-1,000, the one that you only have liability insurance for… I think you get the picture.

You may have not thought you really needed the Asset Tracker Kit - “Because what would I need to track really?” Right?!

And then, one random night, some ahole comes by and steals your GF’s car… One long night later: GF reporting it to the police, crying and upset, calling insurance Co, calling mom, you are doing the dutiful role of the consoling BF, etc etc.

Then you wake up the next day and she says “Couldn’t you have put a GPS on it?” And it hits you… I COULD’VE PUT A DAMN GPS ON IT! So utterly furious with myself for not getting one, the more I think about it the more angry I get.

Anyway, just wanted to put a reminder out there that it’s probably the most affordable and enjoyable way to get this done, and possibly overlooked by those of us that are trying to be frugal about their automobiles.

Also, having not worked with the kit before if anyone has some advice it would be exceptionally welcome.



Yes, but what are the odds of somebody stealing your car?

I would bet that it would never happen to me because the odds are so low.

Don’t beat yourself up too bad :smiley:

Depends on location I guess. This is actually the SECOND time her car has been stolen in less than a year. First was a joyride situation.

Both times were completely different locations, one was near her moms house in the ghetto, this time it was while she was at school. Lots of cars get stolen in LA, old ones seem to be pretty easy to steal (1990 Accord).

I am very VERY interested in this, not for a car, but for an RV Trailer. They are very easy to steal.

Except I want to one-Up it a bit and mount a low resolution camera on the front of the trailer to take a picture of the license plate of the Tow VEhicle, maybe wide enough for the surrounding area.
What I want to know is can a camera be attached to the Electron? Does it have enough memory to store a low resolution picture? It’s not like it would send pictures over the low-bandwidth cell network constantly, only when I ping it.
If not can I use a campanion Raspberry Pi to send a picture to the Electron.
I LOVE the low-cost "Particle SIM card with service in more than 100 countries worldwide, and includes 3 months of Particle’s 1MB monthly data plan for IoT devices."
Can I bypass the Electron all together and use a Raspberry Pi with a Cell Antenna and the Particle Sim?