Getting Started with the Photon -- Project 7. control relays from a web page

I just bought a photon starter kit and the book “Getting Started with the Photon”. It looks interesting, but I don’t know the first thing about any computer language, and my understanding of how computers work is that they are smoke in a bottle. I have stumbled through the first 6 projects in the book, but Project 7, “control relays from a web page” has me stuck.

Is there someone who can help me with this? I bought all of the parts listed for the project–exactly what the author listed. Then I wired the project together. I attached wiring to Relay 1 on the relay shield and when I run the web program, Relay 1 does nothing. I get a 1 click when I select relay 4 on the web page, and a red light illuminates for 1/10 of a second above relay one at the same time (when I select “Relay 4” on the webpage).

I’d kind of like to get this to work if someone can help.