Getting out of DFU mode


Is there any options to get out from DFU mode. I’m using remote function to call System.bootloader(); and now core is waiting forever software. Is it possible to reset somehow without do it manually?

If you hit the RST button, it should probably get out of DFU.

If it doesn’t, depending on how the System.bootloader() is written, system flags might be set to stay in DFU mode till a firmware is flashed.

Try the RST button or simply flash a firmware. :wink:

The only way now is to flash via a firmware.

see comments here:

Is it possible to do any fallback/bootstrap for this? If spark is far far away from you and you accidentaly called incorrect function then perhaps after 3 or 5 resets it comes back to normal mode?

in this situation, I’m afraid it’s not possible since the system flag was set…

it simply requires some time-out if no firmware is flashed by modifying the original behavior of the core firmware