Getting Device Status through webhook

Hello, Is there a way to get the status of Particle device through a webhook ?
What I want to achieve is indicate the device status on my mobile app.
My server is a .Net application and mobile application is based on ionic framework.

Thanks in advance.

What device are you planning to see? Electrons behave a bit different.
But you can just request device info here<youDeviceID>?access_token=<youAccessToken>

This will produce something like this

  "id": "<yourDeviceID>",
  "name": "<yourDeviceName>",
  "last_app": null,
  "last_ip_address": "<lastKnownRemoteIP>",
  "last_heard": "2016-10-08T07:31:45.280Z",  // <-- that's the best indicator for Electrons
  "product_id": 0,
  "connected": false,  // <-- this works for WiFi devices, but not reliably for Electrons
  "platform_id": 0,
  "cellular": false,
  "status": "normal",
  "variables": null,
  "functions": null,
  "cc3000_patch_version": "1.32"  // <-- ignore, Spark Core legacy