Getting 403 on gcloud integration

I have successfully made the integration with Google cloud with five topics.
But when I to add sixth (exactly same way as the previous ones), the publish does not succeed, it gives response
{“error”:{“code”:403,“message”:“User not authorized to perform this action.”,“status”:“PERMISSION_DENIED”}}

I have deleted the integration and the pub/sub topic from gcloud and recreated them but the result is the same.
Is there a limit of five integrations on free account?
There should not be any limits in gcloud side.

This would be a question best directed at Google not Particle.
The message you get from the integration comes from the remote server and does not indicate any limit imposed by Particle.

OK. I just thought if there is some agreement between Particle and Google about how many Pub topics can be authenticated with the same fixed service account ( that Particle is using for all free tier integrations.
May be I ask Google next.

This problem went away by itself. I re-created topic and integration once more and it worked after that.
So possible temporary glitch in gcloud.